Mexican FIRST Robotics innovators respond to COVID-19

  • Young innovators developed PPE to support their community

State of Mexico, Mexico - mayo 18, 2020 - To help address the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in Mexico, students from WinT3794 FIRST Robotics team designed, developed and distributed more than 100 face shields among small and middle businesses that are still running, as corner shops, restaurants, merchants, etc. in their community.

Mexican FIRST Robotics innovators respond to COVID-19
Mexican students developed their own face masks with Dow technologies and the support of our volunteers

The prototype developed by this Mexican young innovators include in its making some Dow technologies as polyurethane foam spacer and DowSil® sealant that helps bring parts together. Some Dow volunteers had joined the team in virtual sessions to hear from them and provide advice on how they can continue innovating during isolation times.

Some of the beneficiaries of this donation are close relatives or neighbors of this students, and this help is allowing them to keep their essential activities in a safety way.

This is a true example that, even we are not close to each other, we are more TOGETHER than ever!

The WinT3794 FIRST Robotics team has been recently awarded with the Chairman's Regional Award 2020 in Utica, NY.

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